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Year 2018
H. Yao*, F. Cao, Z. Tang, J. Wang, T. Qiao, Expose noise level inconsistency incorporating the inhomogeneity scoring strategy, Multimedia Tools and Applications (Online, DOI: 10.1007/s11042-017-5206-8)
  [J8] C. Qin*, Z. He, H. Yao, F. Cao, L. Gao, Visible watermark removal scheme based on reversible data hiding and image inpainting, Signal Processing: Image Communication 60 (2018) 160-172.
Year 2017
H. Yao, S. Song, C. Qin, Z. Tang*, X. Liu, Detection of double-compressed H.264/AVC video incorporating the features of the string of data bits and skip macroblocks. Symmetry 9(12) (2017) 313. [pdf]
M. Yuan, H. Yao*, C. Qin, Y. Tian, A dynamic hand gesture recognition system incorporating orientation-based linear extrapolation predictor and velocity-assisted longest common subsequence algorithm, KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems 11 (9) (2017) 4491-4509. [pdf]
H. Yao*, C. Qin, Z. Tang, Y. Tian, Guided Filtering based Color Image Reversible Data Hiding, Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation 43 (2017) 152-163. [pdf] [Matlab codec]
H. Yao*, C. Qin, Z. Tang, Y. Tian, Improved Dual-image Reversible Data Hiding Method Using the Selection Strategy of Shiftable Pixels' Coordinates with Minimum Distortion, Signal Processing 135 (2017) 26-35. [pdf] [Matlab codec]
H. Yao*, S. Wang, X. Zhang, C. Qin, J. Wang, Detecting Image Splicing Based on Noise Level Inconsistency, Multimedia Tools and Applications 76 (10) (2017) 12457-12479. [pdf]

Year 2016

S. Song, H. Yao*, C. Qin and Y. Tian, A Forgery Video Detection Algorithm for Resolution Promotion Manipulations Using Frequency Spectrum Analysis, Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Network, Communication and Computing (ICNCC 2016), Kyoto, Japan, pp. 22-26, 2016. [pdf]
H. Yao*, A Novel Image Noise Level Function Estimation Approach using Camera Response Function Constraint, MATEC Web of Conferences 42: 06004, 2016. [pdf]
Before 2016 [J2]
Y. Zhao, S. Wang*, X. Zhang, H. Yao, Robust Hashing for Image Authentication Using Zernike Moments and Local Features, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security 8 (1) (2013) 55-63. [pdf]
H. Yao, S. Wang*, Y. Zhao, X. Zhang, Detecting Image Forgery Using Perspective Constraints, IEEE Signal Processing Letters 19 (3) (2012) 123-126. [pdf]
H. Yao*, T. Qiao, Z. Tang, et al. Detecting Copy-Move Forgery using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Multimedia Information Networking and Security (MINES 2011), Shanghai, China, pp. 591-594, 2011.
H. Yao*, S. Wang and X. Zhang, Detect Piecewise Linear Contrast Enhancement and Estimate Parameters using Spectral Analysis of Image Histogram, Proceedings of 2009 IET International Communication Conference on Wireless Mobile & Computing, Shanghai, China, pp. 94-97, 2009.
Note: *: Corresponding author